Adam Mould and Glasgow Panthers – financial support for Wheelchair Rugby

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When Adam Mould was diagnosed with limb girdle muscular dystrophy 11 years ago, he wanted something to push him further. The NHS provided him with wheelchair exercises and classes like painting, nothing to really challenge him and help relieve his frustration. In doing his own research, Adam found Wheelchair Rugby. Being a contact sport, Adam discovered it’s a good way for people to let out their feelings amongst other things. Wheelchair Rugby had only really started in France and England at the time, so Adam travelled to England to learn the skills needed, and he took these back to Scotland. This is when Adam’s life changed, and Glasgow Panthers began.

Wheelchair Rugby 7s is essentially the same rules as Rugby 7s but in a wheelchair. Out of the 7 players, only a maximum of 3 able-bodied players are allowed to play. Punching a ball to score is another way to help let out the anger and aggression out. However, Rugby Wheelchair is different, there are 5 players in each team, they play with a volleyball and can pass in any direction. The way to score is to roll across the line with the ball in your lap. Wheelchair Rugby is also the only sport open to both men and women and is the only sport in the Olympics to allow both men and women to compete on the same team. It really is an important sport that gives everyone a chance.

Adam’s work with the Glasgow Panthers saw them recognised as the first sports club in Scotland to promote that anybody – disabled, able-bodied, young or old – can play Wheelchair Rugby. There are so many segregations between able-bodied and disabilities, including sport, and Adam wanted to break down that barrier and focus on what is more important in this scenario…  playing rugby!

Glasgow Panthers didn’t just save Adam, it has saved a numerous number of people who were in a dark place and didn’t feel they had a sense of belonging. With the team, Adam gave them an opportunity to join a group full of people going through similar emotions, providing support in and out of the game. It also gives those who are disabled the chance to do something different and encourage them to go explore more opportunities for them.

In 2013, Adam was named Sport Scotland Young Persons coach and carried the Olympic torch in Edinburgh in 2012. Along with these rewards, Adam is the 395th winner of the Point of Life award. Despite the numerous awards, to Adam it wasn’t about this. It’s all about getting kids used to people being in wheelchairs and disabilities. Alongside his club, Adam is also the UK Wheelchair 7s Chair.

Unfortunately, like many other grassroots sports, Wheelchair Rugby 7s hasn’t started up properly again since before lockdown due to issues with sports halls. That’s when Adam got in touch with us.

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