why volunteers are the lifeblood of amateur sports

the lifeblood of amateur sports

Hundreds of thousands of people volunteer at the 150,000+ grassroots sports clubs across the UK. Without them, these clubs would simply cease to function.

Grassroots sports depends on the generosity of everyday people to help out and support not-for-profit entities in their endeavours. While funding opportunities can go a long way to sustain the running of a grassroots sports clubs, volunteers are essential to plug the gap that remains for successful operation.

volunteers bring more than a financial benefit for grassroots clubs

It’s not just what volunteers’ free support means for the often precarious finances of grassroots sports clubs. It’s also about the spirit they imbue these clubs and their activities with. It’s about the inspiration they can provide to people trying to learn and train in sports. It’s about the support they can provide. It’s about the experience they can share. And it’s about their love for the club and sport in question that is so vital in creating that welcoming community feel that is at the heart of grassroots sport. It’s important to remember that these people are not just investing their time, but also their energy and emotion. 

grassroots sports volunteers make the nation fitter and happier

Research shows that one volunteer creates the capacity for at least 8.5 more people to play. That’s a huge, very clear impact. With over 25,000 volunteers in UK grassroots tennis alone, that equates to an incredible 212,500 people who have opportunities to play across the nation.

benefits for volunteer

Research shows that volunteers are 18% more likely to feel proud of themselves and 10% more likely to have higher self-esteem, emotional wellbeing and resilience, compared to non-volunteers. Volunteers benefit from a sense of belonging and purpose, making new friends and learning new skills in the process.


wondering how my club group can help your club?

We have several funding opportunities


how can i find a grassroots sports club to volunteer at?

Your first point of call should be finding any local clubs who might need help and reaching out to them, but there are several places you can find opportunities for volunteering online too.

Signing up to Do It’s Join In programme to find out about opportunities in your area is a great start.

how can i find volunteers for my grassroots sports club? 

You can sign up for an account with the Sport Recreation Alliance to find volunteers for your club. They also have advice on how you can recruit and retrain volunteers for your sports club direct.

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how my club group can help you with staffing and funding

Volunteers can obviously only go part of the way to fulfil the staffing and running needs of your club. My Club Group can help you secure funding to help pay for salaries of staff and the cost of equipment in several ways:

My Club Grants helps you find grants for grassroots sports clubs and handles the application process of awards from £300 up to £50,000

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We’re here to support grassroots sports clubs. We have a range of products and services to make it easy for you to make and save money – so you can focus on your members and your team.



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