Modern Slavery Statement

My Club Group provide services to grassroots sports clubs the UK. We supply goods including custom kit and merchandise, and services including websites, lotteries and grant applications. My Club Group is based out of our office in Oxted, Surrey. Most of our team operate from this office. We work with a number of third party suppliers to deliver our goods and services.

Policy Statement

Modern slavery is a crime that is a violation of the most basic human rights. My club Group is committed to ethical business practices, and as such we have a zero-tolerance approach towards modern slavery in all its forms, including Slavery, Servitude, Forced/Compulsory Labour and Human Trafficking.

We expect the same ethical attention and actions from all organisations involved throughout our supply chain and the partner organisations we work with.

Our Organisation Structure & Supply Chain

The My Club Group staff do not fall into any category that could be considered as vulnerable to modern slavery in the UK. This means that our attention in regards to the modern slavery act is primarily directed towards our supply chain and partner organsiations.

My Club Group outsources its manufacturing and distribution of goods to a variety of suppliers, based in the UK, EU and Asia. This allows us to provide the variety of services and products required by grassroots sports clubs.

We have a tiered supply chain: because of the varied nature of products sold through My Club Group, our suppliers may also source their products or raw materials from additional organisations in different geographies.

Where We Stand On Modern Slavery

My Club Group is committed to being an ethical organisation, and this applies to all aspects of our operations.

Our aim is to guard those involved with our business in any capacity from Slavery, Servitude, Forced/Compulsory Labour and Human Trafficking. We can do this with:

  • effective communication of our ethics and expectations internally – with management educated and obligated to train teams on relevant policies and their obligations to comply
  • effective communication of our ethics and expectations externally – with partner organisations and supply chains
  • the impementation of appropriate procedures, and the action we take as and when we believe that our ethical standards are not being met with regards to modern slavery.

We are aware that due to the tiered nature of our business and supply chain, despite our commitment and best efforts, there may be the chance that modern slavery can occur as part of our supply chain or with partner organsiations we work with. In such an event, we will take swift and appropriate action on a case-by-case basis. If it is not possible to fix or improve the scenario, we will terminate the relationship if this is the only available and appropriate action, and seek guidance from appropriate governing bodies.

Training On Modern Slavery & Trafficking

As we continue to provide goods and services to grassroots sports teams, and continue to work with new partners and supply chains, we will take responsibility to update our modern slavery policy.

We will ensure that managers are updated, and that relevant team members are educated, and that all parties within our business receive the appropriate tools and knowledge to act as required.

We will ensure that partners and organisations in our supply chain are aware of our latest modern slavery policy and any changes, and that new partners and organisations receive this information at the start of our relationship.

Statement Approval

This statement has been formally approved by the Directors of My Club Group.