the mental health effects of grass roots sports

how grassroots sports supports the uk’s mental well-being

Grassroots sport provides an incredibly important role in the wellbeing of our nation. From the youngest participants through to the oldest volunteers, it provides a vital service for local communities. From personal development and fitness to fostering a sense of purpose and belonging, its benefits are manifold.

exercise improves both mental and
physical health

Reports have shown that exercise can be as effective as medication or psychotherapy when treating mental health disorders, and that it can be a huge factor in helping to reduce stress. Then of course there’s the physical benefits of being active, from reducing the chances of cardiovascular disease and diabetes to helping fix or prevent mobility issues.

Another report showed the mental health effect of the loss of grassroots sports during the COVID-19 lockdowns resulted in problems including anxiety, loss of self-esteem and identity and difficulty maintaining healthy working routines.

grassroots sports can help the most vulnerable

A government study on sport participation found that “participation in sport can bring particular benefits to groups whose participation rates are lowest. These include women and girls, those with a disability, the unemployed, older people, migrant communities and those from disadvantaged communities.”

It continues: “According to Sport England 40% of grassroots football clubs in England are in the top 20% most deprived communities.

Sport can help people overcome and live with physical and mental disabilities, providing opportunities for growth and rehabilitation. It can help people from outside the UK integrate into their local communities, helping people to learn English and to give them a way of interacting with people on a meaningful level while their language skills are still developing.


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