Looking For A Grant for your Sports Club?

We work with a range of sports grant providers so we can help you access funding opportunities for your sports club.


We provide assistance with sports grant bids

Grassroots sports clubs are facing a funding crisis like never before and My Club is here to help. Our team of experts specialise in accessing and applying for grants from governing bodies and Government agencies. Let us help your club access grants!

Our Sports grant service includes:

✅ Full support and completion of online application in conjunction with your club

✅Consultancy to determine whether the club could qualify for other funding

Talk to Us about:

  • Funding for sports clubs, non-commercial organisations
  • Funding projects focussed on children and young people 
  • Funding for community projects 
  • If you’re not sure what’s right for you – get in touch and we’ll help you understand what you can do to support your club

COVID-19 Funding available

Prioritising sports clubs, non-commercial organisations and charities (excluding football) in areas of high deprivation, or working with BAME communities, or those with disabilities.

What this funding is for:

✅ Additional coaching, sports facility hire (to adapt to small group sizes)

✅ Cleaning/hygiene

✅ Additional sports equipment (to prevent sharing)

✅ New technology (for innovative sessions)

✅ Club running costs

This is not a general capital improvements fund so adaptions must be COVID-19 related. Football clubs are ineligible to apply for this grant.


If none of the grants above meet your criteria, or you have further projects in mind, please contact us, and we will get back to you with other possible funding options.


  • Should our team be successful in accessing a grant on behalf of your team, our partners will charge a success fee with a sliding scale but capped at a maximum of 20% .
  • If the application is not successful there is no charge to the club.