My Club provides high quality equipment 

My Club provides low cost, high quality equipment for teams of all sports and sizes. With a variety of brands available in our club store, including *[insert big names]*, we offer a wide range of brilliant products at competitive prices. From the essentials for all sports – like balls bibs and bottles – to you’re more sport-specific needs, we’ve got your club’s needs covered. You can browse and buy individual products in our easy-to-use online store, purchase our bundles, or speak to our team to get bespoke orders made for you.


our latest sport Kits


As well as offering a wide range of the key individual items your sports team needs for training, we’ve also used our grassroots sports expertise to put together bundles that help make your life easier and provide great value on your essential training equipment purchases. 

Shop Sports Equipment

If you already know what you need and how many of each, you can head straight to our easy-to-use online store and start purchasing the equipment your team needs now. We offer bundles on specific products to help reduce the cost, or you can pick and choose your own. 

Cashback on Sports Equipment

All of our equipment is sold through My Club Market, our fundraising service which allows clubs to get 10% cashback on all purchases made through their own unique link. If you’d like to sign up to My Club Market, you can get started earning here.