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Managing Director at My Club Europe PLC – Custom Kit for Sports Clubs, Schools, Universities & Corporates

Neil Riches, the Managing Director of My Club Europe PLC, is a visionary leader who has transformed the landscape of custom sports kit production for clubs, schools, universities, and corporates. With a rich career spanning over four decades, Neil has demonstrated an exceptional ability to blend industry expertise with technological innovation.

A Pioneer in Sports Kit Customisation and Digital Innovation

Location: London, United Kingdom

Career Journey:

Neil’s career commenced in 1976, marking the start of a 40-year tenure in the financial sector, where he excelled in various capacities at notable institutions like Wallace, Commodity Analysis, Kleinwort’s, Merrill’s, Tokai, FIMAT, and UBS. His tenure at UBS was particularly notable, where as the Director of Client Relationships, he made significant contributions to the futures and options industry.

A highlight of his career was the development and launch of the first real-time financial mobile application, a groundbreaking innovation in the early days of mobile technology. This achievement led to patent recognition in both the UK and the United States, further underpinning his role as a technologically forward thinker.

Transition to Sports Industry:

In 2013, Neil founded My Club Group, marking his entry into the grassroots sports industry. The company provided various services, including lotto, grants, and an innovative online market, which significantly supported sports clubs financially.

His current role as Managing Director at My Club Europe PLC, since July 2019, stands as a testament to his commitment to innovation and excellence. Under his leadership, My Club Europe has evolved into one of the UK’s fastest-growing kit production companies, heavily leveraging AI and ChatGPT technologies. This integration spans across the company’s website, social media, marketing, and sales strategies, ensuring a top-notch digital presence.

Achievements and Contributions:

Neil’s contributions to the sports kit industry are substantial. My Club Europe PLC has set industry benchmarks in kit processing and production, evidenced by its top rankings in Google Ad and Bing for relevant sports kit keywords. His efforts in patenting technologies demonstrate a commitment to safeguarding and advancing the company’s unique position in the market.

A notable achievement under Neil’s leadership was providing kits for the Game4Ukraine, a charity football match at Stamford Bridge. This initiative showcased My Club’s dedication to social causes and its capability to operate on high-profile platforms.

Vision and Future Prospects:

Neil envisions My Club Europe PLC as a pioneering force in the global market, with systems designed for expansion into the United States, Australia, and Europe. His focus on competitive pricing and technical advancement has resulted in an impressive Return on Ad Spend (ROAS), placing the company well above industry averages.


Neil Riches stands out as a dynamic leader, blending his extensive financial background with an innovative approach to sports kit production. His journey from the financial arena to the forefront of digital sports kit customization is inspiring, illustrating his adaptability and foresight in an ever-evolving technological landscape.


At the heart of My Club is a deep belief in the power of sports to strengthen communities. We go beyond selling custom sports kits; we support grassroots sports clubs through initiatives like My Club Lotto and grant funding expertise. Our involvement in Game4Ukraine and Play4Ukraine demonstrates our commitment to unity and giving back.

Join My Club and become part of a team that believes in the transformative power of sports. Together, we’re not just playing games; we’re building stronger communities.


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