A passion for sports never goes away, whether that’s for your local football club or an international tennis player. So when we learnt that over 51% of grassroots sports clubs operate at a deficit or break-even, we had to find ways to help.

My Club Group was formed by a team of people, who are passionate about sport and want to help the small clubs grow and succeed.  We make it our mission to provide clubs with a means to generate a revenue stream to keep them going.

We work alongside sports clubs, and their local communities and businesses to give them the support to make a difference.

We have created several platforms and packages, each designed to help grassroots sports clubs in the UK thrive!

My Club Market offers UK sports clubs a unique shopping platform, where, with every purchase made, the club will receive revenue. With a variety of services and products available there is something for everyone, clubs and fans alike.

My Club Lotto is a simple way for your club to generate revenue. The Lotto generates money for the club through the lotto ticket sales. Not only do your fans have a chance to win the jackpot, but the club also receives essential support through monies raised.

My Club Grants helps your club access grants from governing bodies, giving the club a financial boost they could need.