Shirts start at £14.75, shorts at £9.75, including all the design, names, numbers, sponsors and team badge.

Custom Football Kit

My Club provides custom KITS FOR EVERYONE

My Club provides inclusive custom kits for teams of all gender identities, sexualities, sizes, ages and levels – and for all sports. We are a friendly and personal team, with real people you can speak to on the phone, who will understand any specific needs that LGBTQI+ teams and players may have with finding the right kit for different sports.

We will do what we can to make the process of finding the right kit design and fit simple and easy, so that your LBGTQI+ sports team can have the custom kit of your dreams.

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Depending on the sport, our shirts start at £14.75, shorts at £9.75, including all the design, names, numbers, sponsors and team badge.

Visit our catalogue to learn more about our range of products, including a size guide to help you get the right fit. If there’s a specific item you’re looking for that’s not on here, get in touch with our team and we’ll send you more information directly.

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Every team has different needs when it comes to their kit design. We have two ways to create the kit your team needs – either with our interactive kit builder that allows you to create your design from start to finish, or with the help of our in-house design team. Both options allow you to create custom shirts and kits, based on existing designs or from scratch.

With My Club Kit, it’s easy to integrate your club’s logo, colours and branding as needed – as creative or as simply as you like. With full kits for all sports in a variety of fits and sizes, as well as jackets, merchandise and bags available – you can get your team’s whole new look with us. 

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Custom Golf Clothing

Custom sports shirts for LGBTQI+ teams

We provide, design and create custom shirts, jerseys and kits for sports teams of all sizes, whether you play casually or seriously. We also supply custom novelty shirts, for example for charity events, performances or tournaments. So whatever you’re looking for, we’ll be able to help create a design for you.

Design Your Golf Shirt

Design your own LGBTQI+ sports kit

Nothing brings a squad together like a great kit. My Club Kit helps you design the kit of your team’s dreams, in a variety of different styles, fits and shapes. Using our kit builder or our in-house design services, you can try any patterns, colours and graphics to create your ideal look.

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Inclusive sports kits

My Club Kit provides kits for teams of all sizes and levels, no matter your identity or background. With our usual custom designs for shirts and all other kit needs, and a range of sizes and fits, we ensure that players of all ages and abilities are comfortable and confident on the pitch.