My Club Finance

Finance, more than ever, is crucial to keeping clubs afloat.

My Club Finance is a unique way to get much-needed money for improvements for your club. Whether it is for some new gym equipment, property funding for a clubhouse refurb, or something else for your club or members, we’re here to help.

Whether it is your club, or those affiliated with your club, who take out a loan through My Club Finance, YOUR CLUB will receive a 20% sweetener* on each loan.


Asset Finance allows you to break down the cost of equipment into smaller chunks and you can pay as you use it. We can fund both new and used equipment for your club, as well as associated local businesses.

We have a wide range of products which are available for:

  • Hire
  • Purchase
  • Finance lease
  • Operating lease

This allows you to rent the equipment you need, for the length of time you need it. So, if you need extra equipment at your club or business, but only for a short period, you know where to come!


Need a loan – whether secured or unsecured – for you and your club, or know a local business that does? Then we may have the financial solution to suit. We provide loans that can be used for virtually any purpose, to:

  • Aid stability
  • Business development
  • Expansion

Plus, for larger transactions, we can arrange secured loans for your club or business.
So if you need to refurbish your clubhouse, install new changing rooms or build a new burger bar, talk to us about a loan.

*Your club will earn 20% of our commission on any policy taken out.