A unique platform to help your club earn extra revenue

What is My Club Market?

My Club Market is where sponsors, suppliers or local businesses can advertise and sell their products and services on your main club website using our e-commerce features.

For every purchase made on your clubs dedicated Market website, your club will receive a ‘kickback’ ensuring your club benefits and earns revenue with minimum effort.

It is easy and free to set up and maintain and there are no scary contracts to complicate matters.

How does it work?

Suppliers are added to the market

Suppliers are added to the market and categorised according to their product or service offering. This allows quick navigation for the buyer to search and find the items they are interested in.

Supporters use the market

Your clubs fans, supporters and members can use the market to buy products and services such as rail travel, car leasing and even health insurance.

Your club earns commission

Your clubs earns commission on all sales of any services or products that are found via your market.

Receive money every month

Your clubs will receive money on a monthly basis if a purchase is made through your new market platform.

My Club Group’s overall aim is to support as many clubs as possible and offers different avenues for grassroots sports clubs to earn much needed financial income to help maintain their clubs.

Income streams include My Club Lotto, My Club Market, and My Club Hygiene.


Want to learn more?

If you are interested in signing up to My Club Market but still have a few questions, please fill out our contact form, and a member of the team will call you back to discuss your requirements.