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Sporting clubs are huge consumers of power and we have worked hard to find a way to put money straight back on to your club’s bottom line by lowering these bills. With My Club Energy we achieve this goal, by lowering your bill and creating a revenue stream through your members and supporters.

Clubs: Switch with us, lower your bills and earn commission on the deal*
Supporters: Switch with us, lower your bills and your club will earn commission*

How? Well, we have negotiated an excellent wholesale price with one of the country’s most aggressively priced energy companies, which allows us to pass on significant savings to sporting clubs and their members. That means only one thing: cheaper energy for your club, for your members and an income stream for the club, costing you nothing!

Find About our Energy Benefits:


Our energy price comparison site is completely impartial. This means that within your Personal Projection you will be able to find every single domestic energy tariff available to you.


Our results show you EVERY tariff actually available to you. We do not use any filters to hide results.


The Energy Check takes privacy seriously. We use EV SSL Security Certificates to protect your data. We will never share your data with third parties and never attempt to sell you something that you have not requested. We see your data as just that, yours!

*Clubs will receive 20% of our commission on both the booking value and on any split ticketing, as well as, 50% of all booking fees.